In the wake of last week’s horrific events, the Town of Brookline will be hosting a “Brookline Together” event at the Coolidge Corner Theater on April 25 at 7:30pm. The event will acknowledge first responders and victims of the Marathon bombings. Team Brookline, many of who were on the scene, will be co-hosting the event.

The original venue for the event was the Brookline High School auditorium. Once we got word that the only practical date for “Brookline Gathering” was the 25th, our decision was clear. We immediately informed the Coolidge that we wanted to allow the Town of Brookline the use of the theater in place of the Youth Awards. We do not feel it fair to our community or the amazing contributions of our outstanding young people to give residents a choice between recognizing first responders of last week’s tragedy and commemorating our teens. At this time, healing our community must come first. The one constant in the 16+ video interviews we conducted with Youth Award winners last week was the importance of volunteerism, social justice, and giving back to the community. We ceded our date at the Coolidge in deference to those values. Without knowing it, our Youth and Appreciation Award recipients pointed us in the right direction.

We are working with the help of the Coolidge, Youth Award Nomination Committee member and Town Administrator Mel Kleckner, and the Brookline Teen Center to find a new date for the Youth Awards.

We would like to thank all those responsible for saving lives and protecting us last week and offer our continuing support for all those who suffered and those still affected by circumstances none of us will forget.

We also would like to thank the following for their patience with us as we seek a new date and their ongoing commitment to our community.

Youth Award Nomination Committee
Deb Holman – Headmaster Brookline High School
Mel Kleckner – Town Administrator Brookline
Paul Epstein – Social Worker BHS and Founder Brookline Teen Center
Jenny Amory – Executive Director Brookline Community Foundation
Catie Hayes – Editor,
Elaine Joseph – General Manager, Bank of Canton, Brookline Branch
Sharad Chand – General Manager Courtyard Marriott Brookline
Jeff Katz – Baker School 5th grade teacher, Head Coach Brookline Men’s Soccer
Chobee Hoy – Chobee Hoy and Associates, President Brookline Local First
Abe Faber – Co-owner best bread bakery in the world Clear Flour Bread
Harry Robinson – Executive Director Brookline Chamber of Commerce
Justin Berke – President Brookline Rotary
James Lenoch – Steps to Success
Denise Kasell – Executive Director Coolidge Corner Theater

Youth Award Sponsors
The Bank of Canton
Chobee Hoy Real Estate Associates
Clear Flour Bread
Foundation to Be Named Later
Courtyard by Marriott
Brookline Rotary
Stearns Wealth Management
The Fireplace
Coolidge Corner Theatre
Airo Sports

Roger Grande Social Justice Award Recipient
Kate Leslie

Remembrance Award Recipient
Jose Vasqez-Vinasco (in memorial)

Youth and Appreciation Award Recipients
Anna Russo
Theo Smith
Ben Hoff
Matt Rosenberg
Iona Feldman
Suzanna Jack
Ben Gladstone
Ian Chin
Ariel Robinson
Crystal Callupe-Sanchez
Lindsey Pearlstein
Emma Poole
Pema Doma
Jessica Lu
Sam Reed
Yijin Yang
Kevin Hilaire
Sidni Frederick
Da’waan Hardy
Claire Bagnani
Sophia Vos Garfi
Shiraz Mumtaz
Simon Mairson
Ben Doughty
Felice Liang
Naomi Goodheart
Rachel Eber
Mercedes Batista
Kaylie Abner
Ella Brunnell
Nick Karnovsky

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Harvey Bravman, Publisher