2013 hopeJanuary is like Spring Training. The slate is wiped clean. Our record is 0-0 and even the championship is a possibility.

This is the year we finally turn the corner. Get that promotion. Lose that weight for good this time. Put away some savings. Get that bright red rock’n roll electric sports car. This is the year the kid who thinks dad is just the guy who can’t use Twitter, sees us for the cool dudes we really are!

Everything we do is going to work this time. We’re going to catch every break in the book. No more almost making it or “if only” this year. This year we look our fears straight in the eye and say, “Back up fear, I’m coming through!” All the doors will open for us this year. All the other January’s followed by all the other ‘not quite’ years don’t count. Not now. Not this January. This is 2013 and anything can happen. Everything will happen.

And when we prosper we won’t leave anyone behind. We’re going to help those less fortunate with our time and our generosity. We’re going to volunteer, somewhere, anywhere! We’re going to lend a hand up to those who need it so that this year can be their year too. This year we won’t forget to say “I love you”. Our hearts are going to sing this year. This year we’ll try to understand our nemeses better. We’ll neutralize all those negative influences until they can’t help but join our team of optimists. In fact, we are going to be optimists at every turn. Everyone will feel safe just knowing we are around. The failings of the past are history. The skepticisms that crept into our bones all the previous years will dissipate. This year, two mega giant steps forward will follow every baby step back.

This year only the impossible is impossible.

This is the year. I can feel it in my bones. Why not? Isn’t it about time!

From everyone at BrooklineHub.com, FeedBrookline.org, and Advanced Digital Websites, Inc. to all of you, make this your year.


R. Harvey Bravman, Publisher