I am a Brookline resident and a retail business owner in Coolidge Corner.   I moved to Brookline over 20 years ago, married and wouldn’t want to raise my family anywhere else. Brookline is the jewel of the greater Boston area because of the values it places on community and education, the vibrancy of its retail districts, and the overall quality of life here.  When I opened Eureka! four years ago, I was very pleased with the support of the town in general and Marge Amster in particular for this new venture.

I have worked with Marge extensively on First Light, Potterpalooza, and the yearly arts festival, among others; town projects that have been mutually beneficial to Brookline and its businesses.  You can imagine my unpleasant surprise when I recently learned that the town is thinking of eliminating the one job promoting the health of existing businesses.  In these troubled economic times, where every government in the world is working to support local businesses to ensure the vibrancy of their community, it is just beyond understanding why our town is actively eliminating the only position charged with facilitating private-public partnerships with existing businesses.

Marge Amster has successfully forged partnerships between the town, businesses, schools, and charities.  Her direct efforts promote the health and vitality of our community and has resulted  in greater awareness  of the diversity of our retail community, additional funds for important local charities,  increased customers for existing business,   and increased desirability of our community as a place to live.   All of this improves the quality of life in Brookline and has a direct result on property values and tax revenues. I am not sure my business would be here today without the support of Marge’s efforts.

When I learned that the Commercial Areas Coordinator is the only staffed position being eliminated I couldn’t help questioning whether this job elimination is truly being  initiated as an effective cost cutting measure for the Town of Brookline, or whether some other motive  is masquerading as “efficiency”.  How could the elimination of only one person’s job ensure our town’s fiscal viability?

You are my representative in town government, and my wishes are that Marge Amster’s position and her continued employment be fully restored during the budget hearings.

Thank you.

David Leschinsky

Resident and Owner of Eureka! Puzzles