One of Brookline’s greatest treasures will be taking its curtain call this weekend. Irving’s Toy and Card Shop and its legendary hands-on owner, Ethel Weiss, opened in January 1939, and stayed open with Ethel at the helm until her passing last December. Ethel’s daughter, Anita Jamieson, is opening the doors this weekend to sell its remaining stock. All proceeds go to support the Devotion School PTO.

Irving’s will be open Labor Day Weekend on Thursday 5-7pm, and Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 6pm. Volunteers, including yours truly, will staff Irving’s this weekend. I’m honored to be manning the store with Anita Jamieson from 1-3 p.m. on Friday. Irving volunteers include Daphne Strassman, Frankie Bean, Charla Whitney, Melissa Dulla and Hadassah, Ada and Danny Margolis.

It is fitting and typical of Ethel and Anita’s nature to donate Irving’s last proceeds to helping “Devo.” Everyday for 76 years Ethel served, mentored, listened to and absolutely delighted Devotion School students, and for that matter, all of Brookline’s residents of all ages.

“As much as I wanted to find a way to create a non-profit and keep Irving’s going, I simply couldn’t find a way to do it,” said Anita Jamieson. “My mother loved Brookline and all her customers, many of whom became her friends. Everyday I meet people who remember her kindness and big smile.”

Ethel Weiss and Irving’s Toy and Card Shop mastered the art of simple perfection. For her 76 years of service at Irving’s, Ethel received local and national recognition. In 2014, Ethel honored us by letting us honor her. At the Brookline Youth Awards, we presented her with the inaugural Ethel Weiss Service Award, an award that goes to the Brookline businessperson who best exemplifies service, commitment and passion toward Brookline’s young people.

Hope to see you all this weekend.

Written by R. Harvey Bravman, Publisher