On the evening of October 30, Women Thriving, Inc. collaborated with the Korean Church in Brookline Village to provide a free dinner entitled “Celebrating Korean Food and Culture.”  Women Thriving is a tax-exempt non-profit based in Brookline that works with all community members to create learning, leadership, and community-building opportunities for women with low income, including several free community dinners during the year.  This year’s dinners all have an international theme, with upcoming plans including a December “Festivals of Light Throughout the World,” a March “Iranian Culture and Food,” and a May “Latina Fiesta.”

This first in the series included a full menu of Korean delicacies and a brief talk by Mrs. Sun Yeon Yang about traditional Korean food.  The evening was highlighted by a cooking demonstration and time for participants to try their hand at creating these specialties, as well as an engaging activity in which Korean paper art specialist, Mrs. Mija Yun, led the group in a traditional paper folding activity.  Korean music on CDs was provided, thanks to the Brookline Public Library and ten-year-old Diana Fahimipour offered a final piano piece as a gesture of gratitude to the Korean Church team.

The evening was a joyful experience for the 40 women attending, with lively participation and conversations in English, Korean, Spanish, and Farsi, as well as new, cross-cultural friendships.  More information about future activities and opportunities for volunteers can be found on the Women Thriving website’s womenthrivingma.org.