Steps to Success is busy preparing for our annual Stepping Back to School event on Monday, August 26th at Emerson Park in Brookline. Our Summer Connections students have kept busy, too. They’ve been doing some truly amazing things with their time, and I’m beaming with pride to share them with you.

Our Summer Connections program exposes rising 8th and 9th graders to real-life work experience and teaches them financial literacy and social entrepreneurship. Our students recently held their Sell Events, during which they sold handmade items to their community, including t-shirts, necklaces, and bracelets.

Beyond what our students made is why they made them. A portion of the students’ proceeds went to charities of their choosing, including Black Lives Matter, the Brain, and Behavior Research Foundation, New England Aquarium Marine Animal Rescue, and Casa Myrna. These choices were both voluntary and unprompted. You simply cannot teach this kind of compassion.

Our students’ charitable spirit has inspired all of us in different ways. Please build upon their generosity by making a gift today, a gift that can help pay for enrichment supplies and camp tuition. We’re hoping to reach $5,000 by 8/26, and as always, we need your help to get there.

We have a number of ways to get involved. You may give online or by mail. We’ve also added the options to donate via our Facebook Page or our Stepping Back to School Facebook Fundraiser. Whichever way you choose to help, we greatly appreciate it. The upcoming school year is full of promise; let’s set our students on the right path.

To those who drive the work we do for educational equity…

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