The Brookline Interactive Group (BIG) will host its first Public Virtual Reality Lab Meetup with staff members from the PBS program FRONTLINE on Thursday, August 4 at 5:30PM.  This discussion will be about FRONTLINE’s virtual reality process in some of their immersive journalism projects.  This is an opportunity for Brookline residents to discuss the future of the Public Commons in VR, and try VR experiences on BIG’s multiple HTC VIVE VR headsets/controllers.

FRONTLINE Series coordinating producer Carla Borrás and production assistant Kenzie Audette will talk about FRONTLINE’s foray into virtual reality and some of the lessons learned along the way. They’ll share behind the scene stories from the filmmakers, some of the challenges FRONTLINE has faced pioneering high-end VR journalism (Night of the Storm, Return to Chernobyl, On the Brink of Famine, Ebola Outbreak), and some tips for creating 360 films.

Kenzie Audette is both a VR and Post-production assistant at FRONTLINE, who attempts to stay afloat of the technology trends in the VR space, while assisting in the broadcast of the program’s long form documentaries. With a background in sound design and mixing, Audette has a passion for understanding the tools needed for the craft of creating content.

Carla Borrás is the coordinating producer of the award-winning PBS investigative series FRONTLINE. She manages day-to-day production for the series and helps run FRONTLINE’s virtual reality and digital video efforts. Borrás is committed to pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling and sharing FRONTLINE’s signature brand of documentary journalism across platforms. Prior to jumping at the chance to join FRONTLINE in 2008, she worked on films and nonfiction programming for the Discovery Channel, Sony Pictures and truTV. Borrás graduated from Harvard University, with a B.A. in psychology.

The Public VR Lab Meetup will take place on Thursday, August 4 at 5:30PM at BIG’s offices at 46 Tappan Street, Brookline.  Attendees are asked to register ahead of time.