DPW Commissioner Erin Chute is proud to announce the Town’s commitment to prioritize safety on its streets by implementing
the Vision Zero Planning Process to create and adopt a Vision Zero Action Plan. Vision Zero is a data-driven approach to road safety that
aims to eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries while ensuring safe, healthy, and equitable mobility for all.

Please join us at the next public meeting on Wednesday, March 27, at 5 p.m. to be part of this transformative journey towards safer streets and
a more vibrant community. The link to join the meeting is https://brooklinema.zoomgov.com/j/1610567304

Recognizing the importance of this initiative, the Town of Brookline has enlisted the expertise of Toole Design, a leading consulting firm
specializing in transportation planning and engineering. With their guidance, Brookline aims to develop comprehensive strategies to enhance street safety, reduce traffic-related incidents, and create a more sustainable and equitable transportation network.

“Ensuring the safety of all road users is a top priority for the Town of Brookline,” said Committee Chair and Select Board Member Michael
Sandman. “By adopting the Vision Zero approach and partnering with Toole Design, we are taking proactive measures to address traffic safety concerns and create a safer environment for everyone in our community.”

The Vision Zero Process is essential for Brookline as it aligns with the Town’s commitment to creating livable streets, promoting active transportation, and fostering a culture of safety and inclusivity.

Through robust community engagement and collaboration with stakeholders, the Town of Brookline seeks to develop tailored strategies that address its neighborhoods’ unique needs and challenges.  The DPW-Transportation Division and Vision Zero Committee invite all
residents, businesses, and stakeholders to attend their public meetings.

“We value the input and engagement of our residents,” added Commissioner Chute. “Their perspectives will be instrumental in guiding the
development of effective and inclusive strategies that prioritize safety and well-being for all.”

The Action Plan will be shaped by public feedback, web maps, in-person events, and numerous datasets.

Together, we can make Brookline a model for Vision Zero success. For more information about the Vision Zero Process and to stay up-to-date on the Vision Zero Committee topics, please visit and sign up for ‘NotifyMe’ alerts at www.brooklinema.gov/2505/Vision-Zero-Committee.