This holiday season listen to your kids. Be patient with your parents. Fall in love again with your partner. Take a break from work thoughts, especially if you don’t have a job. Make peace with an estranged friend or family member. Make all your hugs last just a moment longer than last year. Help Mom out more around the house. Tell your Dad he’s your hero. Use the word “love” a lot in conversation. Put the camera down for a second to take a mental picture of your love ones. Appreciate that you have family. Invite someone who won’t be with family this season to spend time with yours. Take a short break from the news and from TV for that matter; unless of course you’re watching football. Take a long walk with someone you haven’t spent time with in a while. Listen to your favorite music. Rediscover your passions. Embrace your freedom. Be optimistic. Initiate positive dinner conversation; share your inspirations with others. Let someone else give “the world is going to hell in a hand basket” speech. Give thanks; it’s not just for Thanksgiving anymore. Celebrate your time together. Take time to remember those you’ve lost along the way. Taste all the deserts, especially the pies. Eat whatever you want until January 2. Take a closer look at the relative you least understand, just in case you’ve been missing something. Be more accepting. Take advantage of the season to gain perspective. Make a solemn oath that you’ll celebrate life more. Keep in mind that what you have is way, way more than what you don’t have. Promise yourself that you’ll be even more proactive in your relationships. Pledge to devote more time to reflection because it’s never time wasted. Make peace with yourself and while you’re at it give yourself some credit for doing the best you can in the crazy world we live in. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Laugh your ass off as many times as possible. When it’s time for your family to go back home, remember that long good-byes are good, make the holiday last as long as possible.