By R. Harvey Bravman

The Shaloh House School and Puppet Showplace Theater (PST), like many small non-profits and for-profits, found ways to survive the pandemic’s shutdowns and slowdowns through ingenuity and strategic alliances.

The Shaloh House School is an educational community that welcomes families from various Jewish backgrounds, from unaffiliated to Orthodox. However, according to Rabbi Daniel Rodkin, its students are mostly children of immigrants.

Puppet Showplace Theater is one of the great pillars of Brookline’s artist community and New England’s center for puppetry.

Learn more about Puppet Showplace, the Shaloh House School, their collaboration, how their alliance has affected students, and thoughts on the future of their alliance on this week’s episode of “BrooklineHub In-Depth.” This week, Karen Chase hosted the show.  Chase is a volunteer for, and past executive director for seven years at Brookline Access Television, now Brookline Interactive Group.

“BrooklineHub In-Depth’s guests for this episode include:

  • Roxanna Myhrum, artistic director of Puppet Showplace Theater
  • Rabbi Daniel Rodkin, executive director of Shaloh House
  • Julia Goldberg, director of fundraising and operations at Shaloh House


We should note that Roxanna Myhrum – or Roxie to her friends and fans – has just finished a highly successful run as artistic director of Puppet Showplace Theater that began in 2010. Myhrum’s successor had not been announced at the time of this publication.

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