Stephen Mahoney has worked in the Brookline and Newton salon industry since he was in his early teens. Many of us longtime clients of Stephen have been with him for longer than we care to admit.

Stephen is more than a hairdresser. He is a confidant, a friend, and a source of endless support for his clients and everyone who comes in contact with him.

Before I met Stephen, I must confess it didn’t much matter to me who cut my hair; not hard to believe for anyone who knows me. But one day I stopped in at a Coolidge Corner salon and they assigned me to Stephen. I thought Stephen did a good job, but mostly I thought he was a good guy, so I asked for him the next time around only to find out that he was no longer working at the salon.

A couple of weeks later, I was walking out of Coolidge Corner, when I heard fast-moving footsteps coming up behind me. It was Stephen. He caught up to me, and while bending over and trying to catch his breath, told me he had started working at a new salon as he tried to find a card to hand me. In shock, I asked, “Did you run here from Coolidge Corner just because you wanted me for a client?” Stephen admitted he had. I couldn’t believe it. I told Stephen I would never have my hair cut by anyone else for as long I lived.

That was 26 years ago, and I’ve been a client ever since.

Since then, Stephen has championed and supported everything I’ve done. He’s a friend I can depend on, no questions asked. Stephen has never been mentioned before in this publication, but I honestly don’t know where this nonprofit would be without him. Stephen believed in the Brookline Youth Awards and Soul Witness, The Brookline Holocaust Witness Project even before I did because he believed in me. Stephen encouraged me to follow my vision.

Every client, friend, and family member of Stephen’s will tell you a similar story. He will unfailingly go the extra mile for the people close to him, and more importantly for people who need him.

Stephen always encourages our friend Paul Epstein to send him teens he knows would never be able to afford his services in for free cuts. Stephen does more than help these kids look good for their proms, graduations, and other important occasions. He helps them feel good about themselves. Stephen sets a positive example for young people. There’s not enough of that going around these days.

Now Stephen and his family could use our help. On February 15, Stephen had shoulder and bicep surgery. The Mahoney’s have one daughter in college and another in law school, along with all the other expenses that go with living in Greater Boston. Rehabbing from injury is a stressful and challenging experience for anyone. The stress is only exacerbated when financial concerns creep into the recovery process.

We have started a special fund at Brookline Hub for Stephen Mahoney.

Every dime you donate will go to the Mahoney family to help them lessen the load as Stephen recovers from surgery.

R. Harvey Bravman, Publisher


Or send a check to:

Brookline Hub, Inc.

C/O Stephen and Kathy Mahoney

164 Washington Street

Newton, MA 02458