The non-profit food pantry serves over 200 households in the town of Brookline, both singles and families.  Its operation and success would not be possible without the support of its donors and nearly thirty volunteers who work tirelessly to shop for food, seek out funds and ultimately keep the shelves stocked and Brookline bellies full. In all the Pantry raises over $40,000 annually, all of which is spent on food for hungry folks in Brookline.

The Pantry, which receives roughly 90% of its food from private donations of both funds and food, with some supplement from the Greater Boston Food Bank, is open every Tuesday and Thursday from 10am-2pm and Saturday from 2-4pm. Those in need are urged to come in, and unlike some food banks, can select whatever they would like from the shelves of canned goods, bread, cereal, pasta and other groceries. Clients are not limited to pre-packed bags of food.

Jim Margolis, who runs the pantry, says that as of now they are doing okay in keeping up with a growing demand, thanks to organizations who hold food drives, and the many Brookline residents who host holiday parties and private functions for the same purpose.  As the state of the economy, both local and federal, continues to slide and job security becomes a thing of the past, they expect the needs of people to grow and urge anyone who is able to donate time, money or food to do so.  There is a consistently updated list “needed items” on the St. Paul Parish webpage which currently includes cereal, pasta sauce, soups, canned meats, tuna fish, vegetables and fruit, peanut  butter, jams and jelly, powdered milk (boxes of individual packages), toiletries, soap, shampoo and toothpaste.

If you would like to get involved with the Brookline Food Pantry and their fight against hunger please contact Jim at 617-566-4953 or visit them online for more information. The Pantry is temporarily located at The Old Lincoln School (194 Boylston St. entrance off of Route 9) until renovations at the St. Paul Street Parish are completed in three or four months. It will then move back to the Parish at 15 St. Paul St and continue to do its wonderful and necessary work for the Brookline community.