votebuttonThere were a few surprises in Brookline’s election yesterday despite the fact voter turnout was sluggish at best. Roughly 7% of the town’s registered voters participated in the election. Activity at the polls was low throughout the day.

Incumbents retained positions in many cases, but newcomers made headway in some races. In the race for Board of Selection, Nancy Daly and Dick Benka withstood the challenge from Andrew Ghobrial, securing 45% and 44% of the vote respectively.

The three School Committee seats were filled by incumbents Alan Morse and Rebecca Stone as well as newcomer Amy Kershaw. The candidates garnered 33%, 34% and 33% of the vote respectively.

Town Meeting races also had mixed results. Incumbents as well as newcomers Adam Mitchell and Katherine Shea were elected in the Precinct 2 race, for example. Town Meeting election results are :

  • Precinct 1 – Anne Covert, Helen Herman,  Steve Zabak, Richard Garver, Katherine Silbaugh
  • Precinct 2 – Christopher Kahl, Diana Spiegel, Stanley Spiegel, Adam Mitchell and Katherine Shea
  • Precinct 4 – Edith Brickman, Frank Farlow, John Mulhane, Donelle O’Neal and Joseph Robinson
  • Precinct 6 – John Bassett, Sytske Humphrey, Virginia LaPlante, Robert Sperber, M.K. Merelice
  • Precinct 13 – Roger Blood, Deborah Brooks, Jonathan Fine, Lee Selwyn, Donald Warner
  • Precinct 14 – Pamela Lodish, Chou Chou Merrill, Shaari Mittel, Clifford Brown, Deborah Goldberg
Catie Hayes, Editor