As we begin Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the Brookline Domestic Violence Roundtable would like to help clear up any confusion regarding Question 1, informally known as the Right to Repair Law.

Voting Yes on Question 1 would allow car owners to access ONLY mechanical and repair information, per the full text of Question 1. However, opposition to Question 1 has focused on the protection of privacy, specifically focused on fears regarding GPS data and domestic violence.

Jane Doe, Inc. The Massachusetts Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence is quoted in the opposition argument appearing in the Massachusetts Information for Voters booklet (Voter’s Guide), which was recently mailed to all residents of the Commonwealth. However, that quote was taken out of context and was not made in reference to this particular Massachusetts ballot question.

Jane Doe Inc. (JDI) has prepared a statement, which reads in part:

While JDI is not taking a public stand on this ballot question, at this time, we do not believe that a YES vote on 1 would uniquely compromise survivor safety in the manner portrayed by opponents.

We do not support the use of survivor fears or needs as pawns in a debate that is not ultimately about the needs of survivors. As companies and industries make public claims to support survivors and oppose gender-based violence, we are looking for a real commitment and allyship.”

The full Jane Doe Inc. statement is available to read and share via

The Brookline Domestic Violence Roundtable is in full support of Jane Doe Inc. on this topic. While we do not take a public stand on Question 1, we urge people to understand the important differences between MA Question 1 and other Right to Repair legislation around the country.

– Rita McNally & Cheryl Anne Snyder, on behalf of the Brookline Domestic Violence Roundtable