This week’s guest on BrooklineHub In-Depth is Step to Success (STS) executive director Juan Cantu. Cantu joined the STS team this past summer. He grew up in South Texas as a migrant worker, working in the Iowa cornfields to support his family. From there made the incredible journey to Cambridge where he earned his bachelor’s degree at Harvard in 2012 and his master’s from the Harvard School of Education in 2018. Inspired by his parents, Juan Cantu brings a passion for educational access and success to STS.

Steps to Success was founded in 2001 by Janet Selcer. Its mission is to promote equity for students from low-income families in Brookline by expanding their horizons, building their skills, and supporting their educational journey in order to maximize their life choices.

If you want to help the Steps to Success create more opportunities for Brookline’s low-income students, donate what you can to STS.

Steps to Success is a 501c(3) nonprofit. Your donation to the center is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

The interview with Step to Success’s Juan Cantu premieres on “BrooklineHub In-Depth on Monday, December 13.

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