Dear Brookline Community,
I am writing on behalf of the Brookline Community Foundation’s (BCF) Board of Trustees and staff to share important news about our leadership. Giselle Ferro Puigbo will be stepping down from her role as BCF’s Executive Director to join the United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley as their new Chief Development Officer. We are deeply grateful to Giselle for her leadership and development of our new strategic plan Forward Together, which prioritizes community-centered and collaborative approaches to advancing opportunity and equity-focused initiatives around racial and economic justice in Brookline.
“I am so proud of what our community has accomplished together. This next step is a testament to BCF’s commitment to being a trusted, community-first, and equity-oriented partner in Brookline during this crucial time of rebuilding and recovery,” Giselle says. “The community-centric partnerships that have been the cornerstone of BCF’s work have inspired me to continue to help bring people together to create collaborative solutions in communities across Massachusetts.”
Since launching Forward Together in July 2021, we have made significant strides through the establishment of the Racial Equity Grant Program in partnership with the Town, through our community engagement work to identify priorities for investing American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding in Brookline, and through the generosity of our community of donors large and small. We are committed to advancing Forward Together without interruption to fulfill our commitment to advancing equity and opportunity in our community.
“The BCF team is well-positioned and 100% committed to continuing key strategic initiatives and maintaining uninterrupted grantmaking, programs, and community collaboration during this time,” says Gioia Perugini, BCF’s Board of Trustees Vice Chair who will lead the search committee for the new Executive Director. “Similarly, the board is committed to supporting the team and to being a partner to them every step of the way.”
Giselle will continue full-time as Executive Director through April 2022, after which she will serve as BCF’s Strategic Advisor to bridge to new leadership and support the team as they continue advancing our strategic plan. As a Brookline resident and community member, Giselle will continue to serve on BCF’s Racial Equity Grant Committee, and will play a lead role in the BCF Community Advisory Council, a soon-to-be-launched advisory group of Brookline community members dedicated to advancing equity and community-centric initiatives in Brookline. The BCF Board of Trustees has engaged Positively Partners, an experienced equity-focused executive search firm, to lead the search for our new Executive Director. We welcome any and all questions from the Brookline community during this time.
We remain deeply grateful for all Giselle has done and will continue to do in service of BCF and Brookline. We remain steadfastly committed to advancing the work she has helped put in motion, and wish her continuing success in her next endeavor.
Yours Truly,
Mike Lindstrom
Chair, BCF Board of Trustees