Saskia Epstein, Executive Director Room to Grow Boston

Saskia Epstein, Executive Director
Room to Grow Boston

Under the best of economic times, children born into poverty face numerous obstacles. The first three years of life are critical to development, but without access to basic resources, the overall health and development of children from impoverished families is impacted severely. Under current poor economic conditions, even more young children are at risk.

Room to Grow in Boston, led by Executive Director Saskia Epstein of Brookline, provides greatly needed support to these families and their young children. Saskia and her husband Paul Epstein, a social worker at Brookline High School, are also behind the creation of the Brookline Teen Center.

In support of its work and to recognize parents making extraordinary efforts to help their babies thrive despite economic challenges, Room to Grow is hosting an annual Fall Gala.

About Room to Grow

Room to Grow enriches the lives of babies born into poverty by supplying resources and education to their families for the child’s first three years; a critical time for development. Parents are referred to Room to Grow by local prenatal programs. Participating families then visit RTG’s offices every three months to receive education on their child’s development, customized parenting support and essentials for their baby.

The organization was founded in 1998 by Julie Burns in New York City. It has expanded considerably since that time, opening a Boston location in 2004. The Boston location alone currently serves 200 children and their families who make 800 visits to the location yearly.

About the Gala

This year’s Gala is scheduled for Saturday, November 6 at the Park Plaza Castle in Boston and will be chaired by Pat Canning and Mary Richardson. The program begins at 6 pm with a Silent Auction & Chef Tastings from the area’s top restaurants, including Brookline’s own Pastry Chef John Pergantis of Party Favors, Chef Jim Solomon of The Fireplace and Pastry Chef Nicole Coady of Finale.

At 7:30, guests will enjoy a three-course dinner tasting and an Honoree Program hosted by Mary Richardson followed by a Live Auction led by Uma Thurman and an auctioneer from Christy’s auction house.

Tickets are still available and may be purchased online.

How You Can Help

Advanced Digital Websites, Inc, parent company of the Coolidge Corner Hub, has been honored to donate web services to Room to Grow for several years. We urge you to support the work of this worthy cause by attending the Gala or making a donation today.

by Catie Hayes, Editor