Elaine Joseph, Asst VP with Bank of Canton's Brookline Office

Elaine Joseph, Asst VP with Bank of Canton’s Brookline Office

Elaine Joseph, Assistant Vice President at the Bank of Canton, has worked in banking for 30 years.  She has managed the Brookline branch on Harvard Street since it opened in June of 2005.

One aspect of the Bank of Canton particularly important to Elaine is that it is a community bank in the true sense of the word.  Focused upon building and strengthening the communities it serves, it has spearheaded several efforts close to Elaine’s heart.

Since 2005, more than $25,000 in donations were made to the Brookline community.  In addition, MassHousing designated it as the top bank in the Commonwealth for generating MHFA first mortgage affordable loans.  In fact, the Bank of Canton loaned more than $35 million to 184 low to moderate-income borrowers in Massachusetts.

The Bank of Canton is also involved in the sustainable future.  Thanks to a $40,000 grant from the Mass Technology Collaborative, it will test a new, sustainable energy source by constructing a temporary meteorological tower at its headquarters on Turnpike Street in Canton.  The tower will record wind measurement every 15 minutes from heights of 30, 40 and 50 meters from the ground.  This data will be compiled into a database, which the Bank will review to determine whether a permanent wind turbine will be constructed.  The Bank’s goal is to become sustainable for the future, and lower the amount of electricity used at its corporate headquarters.

Elaine is equally involved in the community.  Currently, she is the Secretary of the Brookline Chamber of Commerce, Treasurer for the Brookline Rotary Club and a member of the Coolidge Corner Merchants’ Association.  She is also involved in the Planning Committee for the 50th Anniversary of the Brookline Community Mental Health Center.  The Center, located at 41 Garrison Road in Brookline, does a great deal to keep the community healthy, safe and strong.  To learn more about the Center, volunteer for the 50th Anniversary Campaign or donate, visit them online at http://www.brooklinecenter.org/.