tubavOn July 22nd, starting at 7:30 PM, over 300 young adults in their 20s and 30s will be decked out in their best all-white attire to congregate and connect on the roof-top deck in downtown Boston’s Club Bliss. This is the 4th annual all white party hosted by the Brookline based Chai Center. The all white party is to celebrate Tu B’Av, the Jewish holiday of love.

The Chai Center is the largest Jewish Young Adult organization in the greater Boston area with over 4,000 Young Adults participating in events. The Chai’s success in the Millennial sector propelled the creation of networking and mentoring social event sub-divisions such as finance, medicine, and law.

Thousands of Jewish young adults have formed friendships, relationships, and marriages as a result of meeting at the Chai’s events. Director of the Chai, Rabbi Mayshe Schwartz, with his wife Shifra, have officiated and facilitated over 50 weddings to date. We invite members of the media to come and share this unique evening on July 22nd and to watch Rabbi Mayshe and his wife Shifra, who are Chasidic, to work the crowd. The visuals and energy are palpable and inspiring. 95% of the 300 attendees are secular Jews, yet will come out for a Jewish-themed event in their best white outfits, to flirt with each other, their Judaism and strengthen their ties to the Jewish community.

For more information on this event or to connect with Rabbi Mayshe directly, please email: Mayshe@getchai.com – cell 617-388-5242