Wellness in the Village is a local collaborative with the goal of connecting the wealth of health and wellness practitioners in Brookline Village to our community and is is co-sponsored by Brookline on the Move, Bodily Kneads, and The Boston School of Boabom.  The event is also part of Brookline’s marking of National Public Health Week.

The Health and Wellness fair is scheduled for Saturday April 6th from 1:30-4:00 pm at Brookline Town Hall, 333 Washington Street.  The schedule for Wellness in the Village is :

1:30 … Opening / Welcome
1:45 … Tai Chi (class) – Brookline Tai Chi
2:00 … Bodywork – Bodily Kneads
2:15 … Boabom (class) – Boston Boabom
2:30 … Acupuncture – Core Health Acupuncture
2:45 … Etiquette- the Etiquette Academy
3:00 … Alexander Technique – Debi Adams & Associates
3:15 … Yoga (class) – Yoga with Sarah Jane
3:30 … Bodywork for Children with Special Needs – Grayden Therapeutics
3:45 … Healthy Eating -Savory Living
4:00 … Closing / MeditationWellness

Participating in Wellness in the Village are :

Dr. Aaron Drouin, D.C. is a chiropractor specializing in acute & chronic pain who treats various common conditions.

Benefitness is a health club for women of all ages dedicated to offering a private and comfortable setting in which members can best develop & achieve their own personal path to total well being.

Bodily Kneads Jean Svizzero’s bodywork practice embraces many facets, including aromatherapy, energy systems and theory, hot stone work and bodymind congruency. Decreasing stress to promote healthy immune function and unity of being is one way in which she helps to support balance within community.

The Boston School of Boabom teaches Boabom and Seamm-Jasani, complementary arts of meditation in movement, relaxation, breathing and defense with roots in ancient Tibet.

Brookline Tai Chi has been a center for teaching the Chinese movement arts of Wu Style Tai Chi, Chi Gung or Qigong, Ba Gua and Taoist Breathing or breathwork to promote health and well-being since 1992.

Core Health Acupuncture provides acupuncture and moxibustion therapy for a variety of health issues. Whether you have acute or chronic health issues, or just feel a bit off, acupuncture can be helpful with no side effects. Core Health Acupuncture has been serving the area since 2009.

Horai-San Book and Crystal Shop offers products and resources that engage us in a spiritual life and inspire us to pursue true happiness and contentment. The Horai-San treasure ship and sanctuary specializes in meditative, healing and mindfulness based practices.

Debi Adams and Associates offers lessons in the Alexander Technique, a mind/body approach to reclaiming postural balance and ease of movement. We help you discover choices outside of habits which you may not even realize you have thus raising awareness of how you handle yourself throughout daily activities. As a result you can enjoy more efficiency with less effort, and greater joy in all that you do.

The Etiquette Academy of New England is an academic institution teaching social skills, etiquette, protocol and communication. We cater to the needs of businesses, adults, teens and children.

Get in Shape for Women Brookline Women are Getting in Shape! By following our complete body transformation program, our clients have lost more than 3,600 lbs! Transform your Body; Transform your Life at Get in Shape for Women, small group personal training studios located in both Brookline Village and Coolidge Corner.

Gracey Holistic Health Robert Gracey practices traditional and non-insertive acupuncture techniques. The non-insertive approach is an especially gentle method that rebalances the body without breaking the skin. He is on the faculty at the New England School of Acupuncture.

Grayden Therapeutics Bodywork allows me to connect my physical anatomy, my internal physiology and my energy anatomy and it is often the missing link in traditional western medicine. Once I was introduced to the possibilities of integrated massage and energy based bodywork I knew I had found the way to true healing and my passion for helping people connect to what it means to be healthy and feel good!

Khalsa Chiropractic specializes in treatment of sports injuries, repetitive stress injuries, back and neck pain.

KoKo Fit Club is a totally new way to exercise. It is the first health club that uses technology to bring strength training, cardio exercise and nutrition planning together in one place, customized precisely to your body and goals.

Kristine Bahr As a nutritional consultant, I offer “quality of life” to people’s lives. I provide an individualized nutrition and lifestyle program that will optimize their health, energy and longevity. My mission is to discover what works best for you. With an abundance of good nutrients, good health is maintained, illnesses are minimized and recovery is easy.

Savory Living Learn how to eat well for YOU. We offer health coaching and nutrition & cooking classes designed to help turn healthy eating into a delicious and sustainable practice. Learn how to navigate common food traps, crowd healthy and nutrient-rich foods into your meals and snacks, and make good food decisions–easily and effortlessly wherever you eat.

SmartBody Movement promotes Authentic Pilates, Gyrotonic, and Gyrokinesis as a movement system that improves your total body awareness.

Titanium Health & Fitness is a one on one private personal fitness gym that offers assistance in training, dietary, and nutrition. We provide a personalized training system that suits each individual personally. We aim for visible results.

Yoga with Sarah Jane Whether you are recovering from injury, seeking relief from stress, or working to develop strength and flexibility, a customized and adaptable yoga practice will both get you where you want to be and serve as a life-long tool for transformation. Yoga teacher Sarah Jane Shangraw crafts sequences of breathwork, dynamic and still poses, and meditation to suit students’ bodies and minds.