Hello Brookline Residents,

We hope you are staying safe and healthy in these unprecedented times. It has been hard for us, as it may be for you, to distance ourselves from the friends and family we usually turn to in difficult times. However, just because we are practicing physical distancing does not mean that we cannot still come together as a community to support each other through this time. It is with this sentiment in mind that a small group of Brookliners got together to create the “Strength in Distance” fundraiser to support the Brookline Food Pantry. The food pantry receives and distributes more than 12,000 pounds of fresh produce, frozen items, dry goods, and hygiene products to our neighbors EACH WEEK and has just opened a third location to help meet demand.

The closure of non-essential businesses to slow the spread of the coronavirus is crucial to public safety but has also increased financial strain on many folks in Brookline. In order to ensure that all of us have the food we need to stay healthy and strong during this crisis, the Food Pantry needs your help!

Please visit brooklinestrengthindistance.com to purchase a “Strength in Distance” t-shirt to support the Brookline Food Pantry as well as a local print shop. Or, if you prefer, you can donate directly to the Brookline Food Pantry or the Brookline Community Foundation’s Safety Net Fund (linked on our site).

If you or someone you know needs support in these difficult and uncertain times, or if you have more to offer, please visit the Brookline Mutual Aid Google Doc to get plugged into Brookline’s community services network. Feel free to send this message to other Brookline community members as well!

Thank you for reading. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for supporting. Thank you for social distancing. Thank you for seeking help. Thank you for giving help. Thank you for being you, as you are, right now. We are in this together!

Please reach out to strengthindistance2020@gmail.com with any questions.

Thank you, and stay safe!

Brookline Strength in Distance