Recreation Director Leigh Jackson and Robert T. Lynch Municipal Golf Course General Manager Justin Lawson invite members of the community to join the golf course’s branding effort.

A cornerstone of the golf course’s branding work is the development of a logo, and Brookline Recreation has identified three contenders for its new logo — two of which draw on its iconic clubhouse structure and the third, which evokes the branches and pine cones of the hemlock tree.

Members of the community are invited to complete a survey, accessible here, and choose which of the three options they feel best identifies Brookline’s municipal course. In evaluating the choices, residents are encouraged to consider that this new graphic should reflect the history and heritage of the property, its current and future efforts to provide and protect open space, and its commitment to environmental stewardship.

Additionally, the logo must be sufficiently versatile to serve as an icon of the course across a variety of mediums, including signage, apparel, and digital media.

“This is an important decision that will have a long-term impact on our facility and the community, so it’s critical that our stakeholders have a say in this process,” Lawson said. “I hope everyone will take a few short moments to review the options and give them thoughtful consideration, which will be a key part of our work now and ultimately guide the future of the golf course.”