Occurred on 9/18 at 7:54 PM – Coolidge Corner
Officers responded to a report that there had just been a fight and there was an injured person. A suspect was located near the victim and he told officers he was involved in the fight. He then removed a small pocket knife from his pants pocket. Witnesses observed the suspect throwing the victim on the ground and kicking him. He was placed under arrest for 2 counts of Assault and Battery with a deadly weapon.
Occurred on 9/20 at 5 PM – Washington St./Harvard St.
A mother stated that she was walking down Washington St southbound towards Kent St after picking up her two year old daughter from day care. While near the UPS store on Washington St., in Brookline Village, the mother said she noticed a man walking his bicycle across Washington St. He then got back on his bike, and began pedaling down the sidewalk towards her and her daughter.

As the male approached, he reached over while riding the bicycle and slapped her daughter on the side of her head causing her to become upset and cry. He continued to pedal on the sidewalk, north on Washington St. towards the Brookline Police Station.
The following description of the suspect was supplied:

White Male, in his 40s, over 5’8″, brown hair, short mustache and beard, wearing a black fleece coat and tan pants. This male was pedaling a black bicycle (type unknown). This male also had what looked to be a “banged up” left side of his face. It appeared this male had suffered a “major injury” to his left side of his face.


Occurred on 9/19 at 12:34 PM – Hammond Park Parkway
Officers responded for a past burglary in order to take a report. At approximately 11:30 AM the building manager noticed a stain on the carpeted floor outside the trash room, which is next to the victim’s apartment. He entered the trash room and observed a large hole, which was large enough to reach through and unlock the door, in the sheet rock wall connected to the apartment. Contact was made with the resident, and it was apparent that there had been a break-in as property was strewn about all rooms in the apartment.

Occurred Overnight, 9/27-9/28 – Chestnut St.
Officers were dispatched for a report of larceny of prescription medications. Two prescription bottles in the victim’s name were stolen off his kitchen type table. He had gone out briefly and left his apartment door unlocked and unsecured.

Occurred on 9/28 at 8:45 AM – Colchester St.
Officers were dispatched for a reported B&E in progress. The suspect was described as a heavy set black male, with a mustache, wearing a blue baseball cap, blue jeans, and a small black back pack with a cast on his left arm. The caller, a caretaker, observed the male in the building and questioned his intent. The male said he was picking something up from a friend, and the friend’s name was one that was not recognizable to the caretaker. He then observed the male put a laptop and an iPod in his bag. He also had a large knife in his waistband. He was seen fleeing the area on a silver bicycle in an unknown direction. The resident was contacted and confirmed he was missing those items, and described the large knife as actually a WWI bayonet that was stored in an office. The suspect was unable to be located.


Occurred on 9/18 – Brook St.
Officers responded to the area for a reported larceny. The victims stated there was someone home all day until 7:15 PM. At 10 PM, one of the roommates returned and realized that they his been broken into.

One of the roommates stated that his window fan which was attached to the side window, and accessible via the alleyway, was pushed into his room. Laptops and other electronics were reported stolen from several rooms.

Occurred after 9/9 – Freeman St..
Officers reported to the area for a reported larceny. The victim noticed that two snow blowers that he stores outside his back door had been removed. He reported suspicious behavior in the area last weekend.

On 9/10/11, he discovered that the trash barrels behind their building had been loaded with construction debris. He is aware that this type of waste must be disposed of at a dump, and he states no one on his property is currently having work done. Amongst the debris he located a bag of trash that contained discarded mail addressed to an individual in Wilmington. The victim believes that this and the snow blowers incident may be related because the trash barrels are in close proximity to where the snow blowers were stored. The investigation is ongoing.

Occurred between 9/14-9/15 – Heath St.
The victim parked his vehicle in his driveway at 8 PM on 9/14 and noticed at 9 PM on 9/15 that someone broke into his vehicle. The steering column was damaged and a screwdriver was on the ground near the front passenger door. It appeared if someone was trying to hot wire the vehicle. The rear passenger side vent window was smashed. Nothing was taken out of the vehicle.

MV Crash:

Occurred on 9/22 at 1:34 PM – Aspinwall Ave./Perry St.
Vehicle 1 was traveling east on Aspinwall Ave. and vehicle 2 was traveling north on Perry St. Perry St has a stop sign in both directions. V2 failed to stop and yield the right of way to V1. V2 was struck by V1 and redirected on its side to 150 Aspinwall Ave causing damage to a fence and some shrubbery. The operator of V2 was issued a citation for Failing to Stop at a Stop Sign, and Failing to Yield to a M/V at an intersection. The operator of V2 and her passenger were taken to the hospital for an evaluation. Photos of the crash were taken. A surveillance video shows that that V2 stopped at the stop sign, but then proceeded into the intersection when it was not clear to do so. The driver of V1 could not stop in time.

MV Theft:

Occurred at 9/18 at 1:19 AM – Beaver County Day School
Officers responded to the area for a reported breaking and entering of a motor vehicle. The caller stated that he lives behind the Beaver Country Day School’s parking lot. He heard loud noises coming from the parking lot. He looked out to see what the noise was and observed three males standing around a silver sedan in the parking lot. The caller decided to drive over to the parking lot, and observed one of the males had a fire extinguisher in his hand and was spraying it all over the sedan. The other male had a baseball bat in one hand, and was banging on the window with his other hand, yelling something at a male sitting in the driver’s seat of the vehicle. At this time the males saw the caller and attempted to flee the area in the silver sedan. He was able to record the license plate.

Officers entered one of the school buses in the parking lot because the door was ajar in attempt to further investigate. The odor of freshly burnt cigarettes and intoxicating liquor were on the bus. A second bus door also appeared to be ajar. There appeared to be damage to the side of the school building.

Officers then made contact with the registered owner of the vehicle, who reported her son had control of the vehicle that evening. Her son reported that his friends had borrowed the vehicle that evening. The vehicle was discovered in the parking lot of Star Market, and was covered in a white powder, consistent with what is sprayed from a fire extinguisher. The investigation is ongoing.

Occurred at 9/16 at 10:25 PM – High St.
Officers responded to the area for a breaking and entering in progress. The description given was a black male in a black T-shirt and jeans. An individual matching the description was located hiding inside of the front bushes next to the side entrance walk way of 183 High St.

Occurred on 9/19 – Winslow Rd./Commonwealth Ave.
The victim had parked his car on Winslow Rd. just before the corner of Commonwealth Ave at approximately 4:45 PM. When he returned at approximately 5:35 PM he observed that the rear passenger side window was smashed and a backpack that was on the back seat that contained a laptop was missing. There was also a brick on the rear driver’s side seat.

Pedestrian Accident:

Occurred on 9/24 at 2:13 AM – Beacon St./Kilsyth Rd. .
Officers responded to the area for a report of injured pedestrian hit by a motor vehicle. It was heavily raining and viability was extremely poor due to the conditions. The first witness spoken to stated that him and his friend crossed Beacon St. and made it across safely but the victim was hit by a taxi. Passengers in the taxi reported the driver was occupied with the meter and didn’t notice the victim crossing the road. The taxi driver was issued a citation for failure to yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk.


Occurred on 9/15 at 2:30 PM – Park St.
Officers responded to a robbery of a bicycle that had occurred. The victim and caller reported that a white male with long hair took his bike after putting him in a headlock and may have gone into one of the addresses in the area. The surrounding alleyway leading to a number of buildings connected by a courtyard were searched at which time the suspect came out of a side door leading to the alleyway and walked directly into two officers. The suspect was asked who he was with at the time of the incident and stated that he was with his friend, who he believed had gone into the building. He appeared to be sweating profusely at the time he was located and questioned.

The bicycle was located in an alley, and officers continued to search for the suspect’s friend, who was discovered on the roof of a neighborhood in the area. Both were charged with Unarmed Robbery.

Occurred on 9/18 at 8:50 PM – Beacon St./Powell St.
Officers reported to the area for a reported attempted robbery. The victim was approached by the suspect who at first appeared to be asking for directions, but then a few minutes later attempted to grab her purse. An individual was observed who closely matched the description of the suspect, in the John Street public parking lot. Upon seeing the marked cruiser, the suspect began to run. He was eventually detained and placed under arrest for Assault & Battery with the Intent to Rob.

Occurred on 9/28 at 2:28 PM – 1180 Beacon St.
An individual riding a scooter crashed in the area and was transported to the hospital for a serious head injury. Witness observed him swerving before he fell. The scooter was towed

At 3:48, an individual approached an officer to inform him that his scooter had been stolen. He had parked his scooter between 2:40 and 3:00pm at 1180 Beacon. He then went into the doctor’s waiting room and looked out the window and noticed he could not see his scooter where he had left it.

The motor vehicle crash was reported at 2:48pm. The victim who reported identified the towed scooter a the station as his own. The crash victim, who is now the suspect in the stolen scooter case, will be arrested for Receiving Stolen Property.


Occurred on 9/23 – GPS Wine & spirits
Officers were dispatched to take a report of shoplifting at 1198 Boylston St, GPS Wine & Spirits. The owner stated that he noticed two empty spots on the shelves that hold various bottles of liquor on them. He knew that he hadn’t sold the items in question. The surveillance showed a black male, approximately 6′ tall, medium build, wearing a black jacket, white button-down shirt, wearing a black tie, dark-colored pants or jeans, and wearing black shoes, carrying a large laptop computer shoulder bag. He was also wearing a very colorful rain hat, which was white in color with a pattern print in green, red and yellow.

The video shows the suspect putting the two missing bottles into his shoulder bag. It also shows a second suspect believed to be an accomplice to the crime. He is described as a light-skinned Hispanic male, approximately 5’08” tall. This suspect was wearing blue jeans, a gray hooded sweat shirt that zipped in the front with white lettering outlined in black, a white T-shirt under the sweatshirt, and wearing a gray baseball hat. This suspect was talking with the owner while the black male stole the items.

Occurred on 9/27 at 1 PM – The Antique Company (311 Washington St.)
An employee at the antique company reported a larceny of a gold chain had occurred. The suspect is described as a black male, approximately 5’07” tall, between the ages of forties and fifties, with some facial hair, wearing a hat with a brim (but not necessarily a baseball style cap), carrying a backpack (possibly black in color) and unknown clothing description aside from his pants having side pockets. He left the store and the employee lost sight of the direction he took.