Brookline Keeps Smiling is hosting the Knitting for Veterans event to help local veterans and their families keep warm in the coming cold months. Residents are invlted to knit or crochet winter items such as hats, scarves, gloves, mittens or blankets and drop off donations at participating businesses.

In many ways our veterans are discarded into a corner after their terms of service. But it is not just up to the government to show appreciation for what veterans sacrificed. Many times people take for granted what it is we are thankful for in this country, and too often people focus upon the politics of a war rather than the men and women who served.

It is because of our veterans our daily battles are more petty than trivial. It is because of our veterans we have the right of opinion and the voice to disagree. It is not just the efforts of the veterans that we must recognize, but the families and loved ones that sacrificed as well. The world is a give-and-take, and now Brookline’s veterans need their community’s help. Brookline Keeps on Smiles has found a way for everyone to do their part.

Join Brookline Keeps on Smiling and get those fingers busy. Knit or crochet something warm and from the heart. Suggested items are hats, scarves, gloves, mittens or blankets. Feel the joy of helping veteran and their family stay warm as a result of your donations.

The director of the Brookline Department of Veterans Affairs will deliver donated items to local veterans and their families in need. If you would love to help out to make a donation. Brookline Keeps Smiling accept only new knitted or crocheted items. The drop-off deadline is Monday, November 15, 2010.

Drop off locations in Brookline :

  • Bank of Canton, 166 Harvard St
  • The Pita Pit, 479 Harvard St
  • Brookline Public Health Dept.11 pierce St
  • Inner Space, 17 Station St.
  • Fast Frame, 1628 Beacon St
  • Boston School of Boabom, 33A Harvard St. 2nd Floor

This event is proudly sponsored by: Bank of Canton, The Pita Pit, Law Offices of Susan K. Howards, Esquire, Jennifer A. Lynch Committee Against Domestic Violence, Inner Space, Brookline Public Health
Department, Boston School of Boabom.

Brookline Keeps Smiling is a local non-profit organization whose mission is to foster and support events, holidays, and other organizations throughout the year. They are dedicated to enhancing lives, giving hope, and bringing joy to those who might have forgotten the warmth of a smile. It was founded in October, 2009 by Susan Howards, Elaine Joseph and inspiration by Jessica Green. For more information, visit Brookline Keeps Smiling.

Article by Emily Bravman.