The 2011 Brookline Youth of the Year Award recipient, Lesly Suriel Guerrero, delivered the Keynote Address at the 7th Brookline Youth Awards. The event was held at the Coolidge Corner Theatre on May 17, 2017, at the Coolidge Corner Theatre. Her brother Mariano received a Youth Award in 2012 and her sister, Kerimal, received the same honor in 2016.

Later in the evening, Lesly, Mariano and Kerimal’s parents, Altagracia Guerrero and Mariano Suriel, became the first recipients of the Suriel Guerrero Parent of the Year Award.

Altagracia Guerrero and Mariano Suriel gave up high-profile positions in the Dominican Republic to come to the United States with the clothes on their backs and the few suitcases they could carry. Backed by their parents” love, support and guidance; Lesly, Mariano and Kerimal Suriel Guerrero have achieved success and admiration. Immigrants to the United States just a short time ago, the Suriel Guerrero family has gone on to become pillars of the Brookline community.

Watch Lesly and Mariano Guerrero’s incredible interview about their parents.

Ken Goldstein, Rotary Board member, former Brookline Board of Selectmen Chair and Partner in Goldstein & Herndon, LLP, introduced Lesly to the audience.

Lesly Suriel Guerrero Keynote Address

Brookline Youth Award Founder, R. Harvey Bravman, introduces the Suriel Guerrero Parent of the Year Award

Altagracia and Mariano accept the first Suriel Guerrero Parent of the Year Award