Commissioner Erin Chute Gallentine and the Brookline Department of Public Works are pleased to share that Cypress Field is now open following extensive renovation work.

Cypress Field reopened to the public on Saturday, Aug. 20, once redesign and reconstruction work that began nearly three years ago was completed. The field, which is located next to Brookline High School, features a new subsurface drainage system and stormwater filtration system.

The soil is a mixture of topsoil from the previous field and sand and organic matter meticulously designed to improve water infiltration and keep the field healthy year-round. Residents are reminded that Cypress Field is not part of Brookline’s Green Dog Program and that dogs must always be on a leash while on the field.

“While work on this project was delayed by the pandemic, the completion and reopening of Cypress Field has been one of our top priorities, and we’re glad the day has finally come when we can invite our community back onto the field,” Gallentine said. “This is a critical outdoor space for students, residents, and athletes. We look forward to seeing everyone enjoy it once again.”

While Cypress Field is now open, work continues at the neighboring Cypress Playground, which is expected to be completed this fall. Brookline DPW will provide updates on that project’s progress, including an expected reopening date, soon.