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“Robert Krim is a long-time champion of the Boston area’s history of innovation, finding remarkable examples of ingenuity and creativity going back centuries and continuing today. He shows how a culture of innovation can make a small place a beacon of hope for the world, by developing the fresh ideas and useful discoveries that make a difference in every part of life.” —Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Harvard Business School professor and author

Since the 1600s, Boston has been at the forefront of world-changing innovation, from starting the country’s first public school to becoming the first state to end slavery and giving birth to the telephone. Boston was the site of the first organ transplant and more recent medical and biotech breakthroughs that have saved the lives of thousands. That’s not to mention pioneering advances in everything from rockets to robotics. In total, Boston-area inventors have contributed more than four hundred stand-out social, scientific, and commercial innovations and uncounted numbers that are less well known. Boston Made tells the absorbing stories of 50 of these – and why they are no accident.

Dr. Robert M. Krim – According to Innovation Economy columnist Scott Kirsner, “Bob Krim knows more about the innovations born in Boston than anyone else.” With a BA from Harvard, as well as a master’s degree in US History, a master’s in Economics, and a joint Ph.D./MBA from Boston College, Krim was the founder and leader of the Boston History and Innovation Collaborative.

Alan R. Earls is a Boston-area writer and author who has covered high-tech innovation for more than thirty years. He has authored or edited several books on innovative Boston-area enterprises such as Polaroid, Digital Equipment Corporation, and Raytheon.