For the last year, Bo Winiker has been doing the same thing he has been doing for close to 40 years before that – helping people. This time the fortunate recipients of Winiker’s generosity are our young people. Winiker and the Brookline Rotary have worked tirelessly for the Brookline Community Foundation Scholarship Fund for Brookline High School.

The Bo/Rotary Goal for BHS scholarships is $100,000. They are at $85,000, and you can help them close the deal.

The Brookline Rotary membership is a virtual Brookline Giving Hall of Fame. It includes many residents who’ve dedicated their lives to making other people’s lives better. Nobody fits that description better than Bo Winiker. You’d have to look far and wide to find a kinder, more generous and loving person.

“The Brookline Rotary Club has teamed up with the Brookline Community Foundation to fund this important initiative,” Winiker said. “Many students are highly motivated to succeed academically but simply cannot afford the extremely high cost of an education. I am humbled that the Brookline Rotary Club has chosen to honor my 39 years of service to Rotary by raising these funds in my name.”

“A local scholarship can make all the difference for a college-bound student with need,” said Anthony Meyer, Brookline High School Headmaster. “We’re grateful to BCF and all of the donors who’ve stepped forward to endure that current and future Brookline High graduates can pursue their postsecondary aspirations.”

When you give to this fund, you’re telling our young people you’re behind them.

Contributions to the fund can be made online.

You can also send a check to BCF Scholarship Fund of Brookline High School, c/o Brookline Community Foundation, 40 Webster Place, Brookline, MA 02445.

In either case, please write “In Honor of Bo Winiker/Rotary Club” in comment memo line.

And do yourself a favor. Head over to Brothers Restaurant some Saturday or Sunday evening or Bistro Duet for Sunday brunch and catch the Winiker Jazz Trio.

Written By R. Harvey Bravman