Appreciation for your spouse or significant other for showing you love, loyalty, and support. Appreciation for the times they wait up for you after another long day at the office and appreciation for the times they come home from work later than you. Appreciation for your children, never forgetting that a long day of school, homework, and thinking about boys is just as tough as what you have to navigate every day. Appreciation for your parents, thanking them for not holding your adolescence against you. Appreciation for those who made sacrifices for you, those you’ve known and those who came before you. Appreciation for all those who had faith in you even when you doubted yourself. Appreciation for employees, employers, co-workers, clients, and vendors. Appreciation for where the money comes from that feeds your family. Appreciation for those who teach, love, and guide your children every day for less compensation than many of us would settle for. Appreciation for the kid that delivers the paper, the people that get the dry cleaning out same-day, and the people at the local take out joints that deliver no matter how bad the weather is outside. Appreciation for all those who have given you their time. Appreciation for the passions of others. Appreciation for those who had the courage to be vulnerable with you. Appreciation for you and your family’s health.  Appreciation for the privileges that you and your family were born into with the knowledge that those privileges must seem like a cruel fantasy for most of the residents of this earth. Appreciation for yourself and how far you’ve come after the road you’ve traveled. Appreciation for the times you followed your conscience, even when that was your most difficult option. Appreciation for your talent, ambition, and principles. Appreciation for the love you give, the compassion you show, and the gifts you share.