Peter Reed was a student at Bentley University when he and his father decided to go into the printing business. The duo opened a shop in Kendall Square, and went door-to-door to market their services, sometimes making over 20 cold calls per day. Twenty-five years later, the presses at The Ambit Works still buzz, and the company has grown from a basic printing company to a creative agency and manufacturer, working with clients in the Boston-area and around the country.

“Ambit” means the sphere of influence, sometimes referring to the territory of a salesman or merchant. The Ambit Works has embraced this definition as a reflection of the company’s comprehensive approach to fulfilling a client’s marketing needs.

“It’s more than just delivering on time,” Reed said.

In addition to completing basic print orders, Ambit aims to employ the most effective messaging and delivery strategies to help customers achieve their communications and advertising goals.

According to Reed, it begins with listening. Central to Ambit’s success has been the team’s dedication to understanding and addressing the growing marketing needs of each client. While businesses still utilize printed materials such as business cards and annuals reports, Reed has witnessed a growing demand for multi-platform marketing strategies, art direction, and design services. In response, the company established Ambit Creative Group, a subsection of The Ambit Works that operates as a creative agency, providing a range of digital creative services from graphic design to video production.

The available services of the manufacturing branch at Ambit has also grown to include branded apparel, large format signage, and promotional products. Clients can choose to deliver these products in a memorable way with unique custom-made packaging that is created by Ambit.

The landscape of the printing industry has certainly changed since Ambit’s beginnings. A growing emphasis on digital communications and the availability of online printing houses has redefined how many businesses approach printing and marketing. Through these changes, Ambit has continually emphasized the importance of direct communication with clients and the delivery of a high-quality product that distinguishes the Ambit experience. While it is easy to go online, upload a template, and wait for business cards or posters to get shipped to your door, the process is distant. A design may not always print exactly way one hopes, or the quality may not be up to par. Being able to speak directly with the printing company has its advantages, and Ambit continually strives to work with clients to ensure a quality product and a cohesive assessment of their needs. Additionally, keeping production local is a huge incentive for some organizations to reduce the extravagant footprint incurred by long-distance shipping and processing.

When asked to describe the company in a sentence, Reed said, “We are a local, creative, manufacturing company.” Indeed the products are vast, but the mission is simple. At its core, Ambit is a member of the community. The group has offered a helping hand to many local startups and nonprofits, aiding these groups with their missions and growth. Ambit also hosts career days for the Prospect Hill Academy, and some of the employees at Ambit have been with the company for over twenty years.

The Ambit Works now operates in Brighton with Reed at the helm and his father at the office a few days per week. Guided by his passion for creative solutions, Reed welcomes each opportunity to develop new strategies and approaches to printing and marketing.

“We are trying to help people with their needs in a smart and efficient way,” Reed said.

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By Danielle Myers