The Boston Marathon will be held on Monday, April 20, 2015. Please be aware of additional security measures the town of Brookline and Marathon organizers are implementing to enhance public safety along the Marathon route.

Beacon Street:

The eastbound side of Beacon Street will be barricaded at both curbs for the entire length of Beacon St. The corridor will be connected to the City of Boston barricade plan at both Cleveland and Audubon Circle. ALL vehicular traffic will be restricted from traveling on or across Beacon St beginning at 8:30am. Beacon St. is expected to be closed until approximately 7:00pm.

Pedestrian Crossings:

Due to the interlocking barricades system, accessing Beacon St. from the north and south sides will be limited. There will be no crossing available between 11:45am-4:00pm due to the field size. Crossing will be restricted to three areas in and around commercial districts. They will be controlled and staffed by BPD personnel, U.S. Track & Field Association (USTFA) personnel, and Boston Athletic Association (BAA) personnel. These crossings are limited to: Beacon at Tappan; Beacon at Webster, and Beacon at Hawes.

Outdoor Cooking & Food Service:

Propane tanks for outside cooking are strictly prohibited. Businesses offering outdoor food service or entertainment must obtain approval from the Town to do so. Contact the Selectmen’s Office at 617-730-2200 for more information.


The parking reservations on both the east and westbound side of Beacon St. will be posted “Tow Zones”. Towing will begin at 3:00am on April 20th. Parking restrictions will be in place on all streets intersecting Beacon on the course side of the Street (East bound); these zones will be clearly marked “Tow Zones.” These zones will be for emergency vehicle use only. Parking restrictions in these zones will be based on the topography of the surrounding neighborhoods.

Road Closures:

Beacon Street will be closed to all traffic beginning at 8:30am on race day. Streets intersecting Beacon St. may be closed earlier to ensure the safety of Town and Race personnel as they set up the course.Spectator Advisory: We would like to reiterate the MEMA Advisory of April 13th: “Officials want spectators to be especially vigilant and report any suspicious items or activity. We are asking that you leave backpacks, containers with more than 1 liter of liquid, handbags or packages, bulky items, large blankets and sleeping bags, props including sporting, military and fire gear, costumes covering the face or bulky outfits and weapons at home. Spectators are also encouraged to carry their items in clear plastic bags.” To contact the Brookline Police dial 617-730-2222 or 911 in case of an Emergency.
There will be additional police officers and town officials along the marathon route to ensure all safety precautions are followed. Our goal is to provide an enjoyable environment that is safe and secure for all spectators as they take part in one of the most anticipated events of the year. Your cooperation implementing and following safety and security protocols is greatly appreciated