When we began BrooklineHub.com, we never thought we would endorse political candidates. Our mission has always been to promote local non-profits, independent, local businesses, and efforts to promote the spirit of community. We are not impartial or unbiased. Our publication openly questions the notion that impartiality is even possible.

Our choices this election season are about much more than extricating ourselves from economic crisis, as impossible as that sounds. Since Governor Romney has seemingly morphed his foreign policy views to mirror the President’s, the important differences of opinion between the two men revolve around domestic policy.

Our endorsement is about more than the difference in liberal or conservative ideologies. It is about more than Democrats versus Republicans. Our nation is at a very dangerous crossroad. The current dismal state of the world is only exacerbated by a movement in our country we cannot abide; the resurgence of disingenuous platforms, intolerance, and disregard for future generations.

In no particular order, the following represent what is our understanding of the top ten positions held by Governor Romney and his running mate, Congressman Ryan, that should eliminate them for consideration for the the office. We say our understanding because, especially in the instance of Governor Romney, political positioning seems to determine his opinion more than his opinion does.

  1. No law should exist to guarantee a woman’s right to equal pay for equal work.
  2. A woman’s right to choose an abortion should be taken from her.
  3. Romney/Ryan support the Blunt Amendment.
  4. Romney/Ryan endorse GOP candidate Richard Mourdock for Senator of Indiana.
  5. Gay marriage should not be legal.
  6. Lowering taxes on the top 1% of our population will bring jobs to the bottom 47%.
  7. The Government should not grant aid to the veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.
  8. The issue of classroom size is a teachers’ union ploy to hire more unionized teachers.
  9. Romney opposes the Dream Act, saying that children of illegal immigrants who serve in the military, however, may be given a path to permanent residency.
  10. Romney/Ryan question the existence of global warming and propose no plans to address it.

Does the Romney/Ryan ticket really believe their own political stances? We don’t believe they do. To quote the great conservative writer, William Buckley Jr., “I won’t insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said”.

What, in our opinion, would infuriate Mr. Buckley is the attack on intellectualism in this country. Intelligence, once considered a trait worthy of admiration and emulation is now thought of as a punch line for jokes about elitism. As an example, Republican candidate Rick Santorum who publicly declared higher education was overrated actually won more than one state primary. While accepting the nomination of his party, additionally, Governor Romney mocked the notion that addressing rising ocean levels is a necessary pursuit. It would seem inconceivable that jobs and rising federal deficits could possibly be trumped by something more important, but Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan have found a way to do it. Most disturbingly, they are not the worst of fundamentalists fighting to stamp out what used to be a source of pride in our country; our belief in individual freedom.

No election in our lifetimes has ever been more important than this year’s. We say that every election season, but this time there will be no clock in the future we will be able to reset if we fail to elect the right leaders on November 6. Our earth is at stake. Our nation’s financial future is at stake. Our nation’s place in the world is at stake. In our opinion, the world’s perception of our decency is also at stake.

There are a myriad of positive reasons, based on President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden’s achievements, despite obstructionist blockades, and their shared vision of the next four that in our view warrant their re-election. For the first time that we can recall, however, moral imperatives supersede even debate over normal campaign issues such as economy and foreign policy. The world the Romney/Ryan campaign would have us live in is not worthy of our children’s future.

By R. Harvey Bravman, Publisher