Walnut St Cemetary

Walnut St Cemetary

A new collaboration between roughly twenty local and regional groups resulted in the creation of a series of Walking Tours in and close to Brookline, the first of which is scheduled for Saturday, March 26.   The partnership behind the “Tour Brookline” series also resulted in creation of an online resource that provides information for residents and visitors alike about upcoming tours.

The series kicks off with “Old English New Year’s at the Old Burying Ground”.  The tour begins at 10 am at the corner of Walnut St and Chestnut Rd and will be lead by Tom Elwertowski.  Of special interest in this tour are the historic gravestones, many of which have unusual dates.  Interestingly, prior to 1752, March 25 marked the English New Year.  The old dates, unique images and the craftsmen behind these stones will be discussed during the tour, as well as information on past Brookline residents of note.

Additional information on this and other scheduled tours in the series is available online at www.brooklinema.gov/walking The site features details on tour schedules, sponsorships, locations, start time and duration.  The website also includes a mechanism for those interested in receiving email notifications about future tours.  To participate, click the “What’s New in Brookline” link to join this email list.

Tour Brookline is a joint effort between local groups and staff from the Economic Development and Preservation Divisions at Town Hall. The collaboration includes representatives from the town’s historic, open space and cultural organizations. Involved groups include the National Park Service (JFK and Olmsted sites), Brookline Historical Society, Friends of Brookline Preservation, Friends of the Old Burying Ground as well as the new Waterworks Museum in Chestnut Hill.

Of the program, Betsy DeWitt, chair of the Board of Selectman, said “I am very enthusiastic about Tour Brookline. This is a wonderful opportunity that makes it easier for residents and visitors to discover and rediscover the many areas of our town. Whether a person is interested in culture, history or our beautiful open spaces, they can see what is available simply by visiting this one webpage. I commend the collaborative effort that put this together.”

For more information, contact Kara Brewton at 617-730-2468.


Catie Hayes, Editor