Please join us at the Coolidge Corner Theatre on April 10 from 7-9pm.  You will see video interviews with Brookline Teenagers on the big screen; learn more about amazing Brookline initiatives like Steps to Success, The Brookline Teen Center, and The Youthscapers.  Admission is free.  Please contact us about corporate sponsorships, which will benefit the Brookline Emergency Food Pantry

In this era of social media, 100s of cable channels, email, and text, we sometimes forget about the power of being physically present.  We ask you to leave your home on April 10, and come to the cultural center of Brookline, the Coolidge Corner Theater, to be present for our young people.  I promise you will walk out of the theater feeling inspired.

Our thanks to the Town of Brookline for helping us sponsor this event, especially Town Administrator, Mel Kleckner and Human Relations/Human Services Director, Dr. Lloyd Gellineau.  Dr. Gellineau and Chris Chanyasulkit from the Human Relations/Human Services Division will be providing much appreciated help and advice along the way.

Nominations can be submitted February 24 through March 13.  Stay tuned for updates.

R. Harvey Bravman, Publisher