Eureka! Puzzles in Brookline

Eureka! Puzzles in Brookline

Since October 2004, Eureka! in Coolidge Corner has been a favorite of families and game enthusiasts alike. More than an everyday store, Eureka sponsors puzzle and game-playing events in Brookline and is an active participant in the community.

Located at 1349 Beacon Street, Eureka! is proudly owned by David Leschinsky. Boasting the largest collection of puzzles in the Boston area, Eureka!’s inventory is comprised of over six thousand items from around the world. They have over a thousand mechanical puzzles including take-apart/put-together puzzles, puzzle boxes, graduated puzzles, packing puzzles and puzzle locks. The store features a thousand jigsaw puzzles and fifteen hundred games.

Beyond offering puzzles and games, Eureka! sponsors frequent community-based events. In addition to hosting game nights and parties regularly, Eureka! also attends events, bar mitzvahs and business events.

Eureka!’s motto is that puzzles keep the mind healthy and active for life. Owner David Leschinsky shares, “I have always enjoyed looking at things a different way, and then sharing that perspective with friends and family. Having a store filled with merchandise which makes people see and think about things from a different perspective is great fun for both me and my customers.”


With so many options available, area puzzle enthusiasts can try something new anytime. In fact, Leschinsky prefers them all, saying “I like so many different puzzles, that it is hard to pick just one type. There are probably 5 types of puzzles that rank high on my list: graduated puzzles, packing puzzles, puzzle boxes, and disentanglement puzzles and jigsaw puzzles…but having said that I also like puzzle vessels, folding puzzles, perception puzzles… I think that I’ll just go back to my original statement and say that it is hard for me to pick just one!”


Leschinsky is originally from NJ and Delaware, but stayed in CA to began his career in high tech after completing his graduate work. The company he worked for at that time was headquartered in Cambridge and he was eventually relocated there. Leschinsky’s sister resided in Brookline and he found he enjoyed it. After living in Somerville a few years, he moved to Brookline. Eureka was not created immediately though. Leschinsky owned another business before opening it. He remembers, “I owned a consulting business before opening Eureka!, and prior to that I was the guy that focused on new businesses in the high tech world. A friend, commented when he heard that I was opening up a puzzle store, that this was no surprise since everything I dealt with had been a puzzle!”

Leschinsky left the high tech field entirely after being inspired to create Eureka!. He explains, “I walked into a puzzle store on the Cape, and thought it was really spectacular. After I got home I kept thinking about it, and so put together a business plan, changed the concept a bit, and moved forward. My goal was to have a place that captivated the minds and hearts of anyone who came into the store with really spectacular merchandise that is both fun to play with and makes you think at the same time.”

– Emily Bravman, writer for HUB