Last week, we published an article about 5 Ways to Enjoy the End of Summer in Brookline. I know there are a lot of kayakers in Brookline; I’ve saluted many of you as you’ve driven by. There is nothing like the sight of 2 kayaks cradled on top of a car. My choice for a great way to enjoy summer is kayaking Boston Harbor. It’s an amazing experience and just minutes away from Brookline. A few years ago, P& G Gillette donated what is believed to be the only kayak launch with public parking in a major U.S. city at Fort Point Pier near South Station. My friends John and Guac (short for guacamole) and I recently spent a fantastic morning navigating the “Harbah”.

We parked at the Fort Point Pier commuter lot at 6:30 am and unloaded our kayaks as jealous workers pulled themselves from their cars on their way to another day at the office. We shoved off and paddled past the Boston Tea Party Museum, the Aquarium, Boston’s North End, Charleston Navy Yard, Logan Airport, Castle Island, and the Seaport District, before docking back at the launch. All in all, we spent 5 hours witnessing one the world’s great seaports in a whole new light. For the pièce de résistance, we eschewed the chic business power lunch establishments and walked a half-mile down A Street to “My Diner” and loaded up on eggs, pancakes, hash, bacon and bottomless cups of coffee for less than $25 for the three of us. It was a perfect day.

My buddy John, who lives in Topsfield, introduced me to the world of sea kayaking about 7 years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. If you’re into breathtaking, serenity-infused, ocean views, you enjoy exercise, and you need added perspective on occasion to address life’s stresses, you’ll love sea kayaking in New England. Every moment I’m in my kayak, the only thing in my consciousness is the warmth of the sun, the ocean breeze, the jaw-dropping beauty of nature, my body in motion and the total exhilaration of truly being alive. Back on shore, we load the kayaks on John’s truck and watch the sun set over the ocean. Then we go eat. Good Stuff.

John and I try to go out once a week in the summer. When we’re lucky, our good buddy Guac from Tiverton, RI, drives up with his ‘yak” to join us. We typically launch out of Jeffrey’s Neck in Ipswich, Plum Island, Conomo Point in Essex, Gloucester Harbor or Rockport.

I’ll tell you my friends; life doesn’t get any better than a day at sea.

Word to the wise; if you ‘re not an experienced sea kayaker, make sure you:

  • take lessons before going out the first time.
  • never go out alone; preferably go out with someone more experienced.
  • always wear a life jacket.
  • follow established kayak safety rules.
  • always, always stay calm and alert.
  • always maintain a healthy fear of the ocean. Nature can be unforgiving.
  • hold off on drinking or recreational drugs until you’re safely back on land. The ocean provides all the high you need.
  • leave your troubles back at shore.

R. Harvey Bravman, Publisher