The Lehane's missing dog, Tessa

The Lehane’s missing dog, Tessa

Missing Dog: Reward Offered. You won’t find this mystery in any of Brookline-based writer Dennis Lehane’s novels. That’s because this conundrum is personal.

The Lehanes’ new rescue beagle, Tessa, went missing on December 24th at 4PM at the corner of Harvard Street and Commonwealth Avenue. They had only owned the dog–who has medical issues which require medication–for a month. In fact, they mention in one of numerous pink fliers posted to trees along their block in JFK Crossing that she might not respond to the name Tessa since it’s her adopted name.

“All animal rescue teams that we have spoken with have been convinced that she is still within a block or two of [our] house but may be stuck somewhere and can’t get out,” Lehane wrote in a notice delivered to neighbors on Naples Road.

“She may have wandered into a garage or a shed or a bulkhead and the door closed behind her and she can’t get out and she is either too scared or too weak to bark or make enough noise for anyone to hear her.”

The Lehanes ask that people check their home for anywhere the dog might hide.

Anyone who owns a dog can understand the wrenching sadness of losing one. Although the Lehanes only had the dog for a month, a bond can be formed with an owner and their pet in a very short time.

Before Tessa, the Lehanes owned two dogs: a bull dog and another beagle. The bull dog was said to be the oldest of its breed in the country before its recent death.

Inside their garage door they have left a fluffy pet bed and a bowl of food, waiting there for Tessa when she comes home. IIn addition to an undisclosed cash reward, Lehane says he will name a character in his next novel after
the person who finds Tessa.

If you have any information please call or text 978-866-8491.

Lehane adds, “any time, day or night.”

By Jennifer Campaniolo