There is “part” of us that doesn’t belong to us. It’s a “part” someplace deep inside that belongs to our children. I don’t believe that “part” gets activated until we become parents. When we are young, we are so focused on ourselves it’s near impossible to have the proper appreciation for that “part” of our parents that every son and daughter owns.

Every parent today is thrown by the happenings in Newtown, CT. Sometimes bad events make you think about the world condition. Today, I’m just thinking of my daughter. Grateful that she’s an adult now, alive and well. Ever hopeful that she lives long past my own time on earth.

One of our greatest strengths is our ability to navigate our lives almost in denial of how fragile everything is. We think about all the tomorrows we have in front of us, and the endless tomorrows our children and grandchildren have in their future. We never think that today will be our loved ones last tomorrow.

There will be lots of advice in the next few days about how we make sure this horror never comes to our town. There will be a lot of people asking “why did do these things happen?” I have no answers. I can’t answer “why” and I don’t know what we should do next to stop the bleeding.

Today, I only know what a parent knows. I love my daughter. I love my son-in-law. I don’t want a minute to go by in their lives when they don’t know that. Maybe that’s all any of us can do right now. Sit in the same room with our kids; call them at school or where they live, text, email, and listen to their voices. Try to make plans to spend private time. Ask our friends, family, colleagues, and clients; “How are the kids doing?”

Those are the only answers I have today. That ‘part’ of me that doesn’t belong to me wants everything to be all right. I hope your children are well.


R. Harvey Bravman