Last year I wrote some prose for the holidays called “Appreciation” that seemed to resonate with people. In one line from that piece I expressed appreciation that my generation did not have to go to war. While nobody in their right mind would ask those of us in the over hill gang to take up arms, we’ve gotten a better feel for the pain of war. It has changed us and forced some of us to reflect on our lives. For me, it not only made me pledge to myself never to forget why I work so hard; it reminded me that my daughter benefits more from spending time with me than from the fruits of my labor. I’m sure that everyone has been affected by our situation in both different and similar ways.

While we stress over work, clients, bosses, and projects this holiday season, we should probably keep in mind some important facts about our lives. The recession they say we are in won’t hold a candle to the decade long great depression our parents or grandparents survived. Downturns in the economy did not force most of us to substitute turkey for Spam this Thanksgiving. We are fortunate to live where we live in this world. Many of us descended from daring people who either embarked on the journey of their lives to come to this land or who had the courage to fight injustice within our own borders so that we could all live in a country that gives us choices. There is no escaping the fact that our lives were blind-sided by events that affect each of us to different degrees. I think it’s important to remember in times like these that we are privileged people from brave stock who have been handed the resources to handle the challenges we will face.

Anyone that would like a copy of “Appreciation” or my semi-famous meatloaf recipe just needs to give us a call. I hope your busy schedule allows you the time to share this holiday season with those you love. All of us at ADR wish that the New Year brings you happiness and peace.