Although our previous post was a last ditch effort to cling to summer in all its tomato glory, we are here to fully accept all things fall. We tend to get super nerdy in our home; and every year we seem to become more excited for the upcoming season than the one we are currently enjoying. We started getting in the habit of creating a seasonal bucket list, our random and often nostalgic lineup of all the things we want to achieve. Since we’re chefs of course we’re talking about food, with the occasional non-eating adventure mixed in for good measure. These are just some of our ideas, but we’d love to hear what is on your fall bucket list!Pie and a Donut

  • Apple Cider Donuts – Sure you can make them yourself, but try and resist a warm, apple cider donut freshly made from any number of local farms and shops, we dare you. We know we can’t resist, and if you’ve never experienced an apple cider donut, don’t wait another second. Most farms with apple picking sell them, such as Honey Pot Hill Orchards or even Wilson Farm or Russo’s.
  • Go Apple Picking – A classic New England tradition that is part of your civic duty if you live in the area. It’s always fun to pluck the apples straight from the tree, but we find it to be just as fun buying a bucket or two of apples and eating a couple of apple cider donuts in your car (see number one). We won’t judge.
  • Embrace the Cranberry – Poor cranberries seems to be relegated to sauce form on Thanksgiving or dried in a salad and not much else. But these tart little buggers are delicious in cocktails (in a cranberry simple syrup), pickled, tossed in while you braise pork, roasted with Brussels sprouts or folded into a homemade scone, muffin or pancake. We love them, and always try to think of new and fun ways to incorporate them.
  • Step up your Warm Beverage Game – This time of the year is our start of sipping on warm beverages while we curl up with a good book or watch the game on Sunday. Tea and Hot Toddys are always a good bet, we also love infusing apple cider with as many spices as we can and let it simmer away in a large pot or slow cooker all day. Try throwing in whole cinnamon sticks, cloves, allspice and even some dry chilies to your bottle of apple cider with some sliced orange and you are off to a good start. A splash of bourbon is always welcome too.
  • More with Pumpkin – Along the lines of our dear friend the cranberry, we always try to find new ways to use pumpkin. Pumpkin spiced everything can be delicious, and so can canned pumpkin puree for sheer convenience, but fresh pumpkins (while they can be a lot of work) are really special and delicious. We love working fresh pumpkin into savory dishes, like mac and cheese, or incorporating them like you would butternut squash and roasting them, pureeing them into soup or making a hash with sweet potatoes and apple.
  • Step up your Sunday Snacks – This has become a new tradition for us this year. We’ve really tried to be more creative while we lounge and watch football all Sunday by doing more than just chili and chicken wings. Not that there isn’t anything wrong with chili and chicken wings of course, but we’ve been trying to update the classics like pigs in a blanket (by using pretzel dough and bratwurst) and gumbo (with chicken chorizo and sweet potato) to explore new flavors with watching our new favorite pastime. Follow along on our Instagram adventures @the_sbk and @bostonburgerboy for even more ideas for your Sunday snacking adventures.

Katie and Richard Chudy are professionally trained chefs who own the personal chef and catering company, The Skinny Beet.  They are also both food writers and each just came out with their first cookbooks, Superfood Sandwiches and American Burger Revival, respectively.