On Wednesday evening, June 19, from 7:30 to 9:00 pm, members of the public are invited to the Town Hall in Brookline, MA to participate in further discussion of Senior Housing Development models that might be appropriate in Brookline. The event is a follow-up to a very successful April 7 forum that attracted over 130 people and generated enthusiasm and good ideas.

The June 19 discussion will brainstorm additional options, explore the pros and cons of various models, identify the most promising, and consider potential action steps.

Ideas and enthusiasm are welcomed and encouraged. All interested parties are invited to participate regardless of whether they attended the previous session in April. As with the earlier forum, the meeting is co-sponsored by:

  • The Town of Brookline Board of Selectmen
  • The Housing Advisory Board
  • The Economic Development Advisory Board
  • The Council on Aging
  • The Advisory Council on Public Health
  • The Brookline Community Aging Network (BrooklineCAN)

BrooklineCAN is a member-driven, volunteer organization primarily for older Brookline residents that advocates and promotes services and activities to enable independent living and improved quality of life. Its principal purpose is to ensure that older Brookline residents remain a vital part of the town’s social, cultural, and civic life.

BrooklineCAN works with town departments, businesses, and other organizations to make the town a better place to live for all Brookline residents.