For the last 8 years, Brookline residents have flocked to the Coolidge Corner Theatre to listen to local teens through video interviews produced for the big screen.  The interviews are a key component of an event called the Brookline Youth Awards. The 8th Brookline Youth Awards will be held April 11 at 7 pm, in the main playhouse of the Coolidge Corner Theater.

The Brookline Youth Awards focuses on the special contributions of teens that either live in or go to school in Brookline. Event organizers work closely with the Brookline School System and the Town of Brookline. A 25 person nominating committee chooses award recipients based on essays submitted by teachers, administrators, guidance counselors, students, and residents.

To give away a not so well kept secret, The Brookline Youth Awards is about a lot more than just handing out plaques and certificates. 

The true intent of the Brookline Youth Awards is to create an opportunity for Brookline residents to hear about the character, challenges, and dreams of its young people, as well as adults dedicated to their advancement, through the power and intimacy of video interviews.

It’s safe to say that students at Brookline High School navigate a more diverse and representative environment than most adults. It’s also safe to say that the Brookline High community is not bereft of issues; it would be impossible to think that it could be. But more often than in the adult world it seems; issues are addressed head-on by determined students, with the help of dedicated teachers, counselors, and administrators.

At the Brookline Youth Awards, young people talk honestly about the challenges in front them. Some of those challenges include overcoming their socioeconomic status, any number of different forms of bigotry and intolerance, illness, and medical conditions. They share their fears with an openness that is endearing and sometimes heart-wrenching. These same students describe how they succeed in the face of their challenges, with a resiliency and an appreciation of the resources available to them and a joy for life that can only be described as uplifting.

Brookline High School Headmaster, Anthony Meyer

Thanks to the generosity of the Coolidge Corner Theater, there is no admission charge. Sometimes you get more than you paid for. This is one of those times.

The Brookline Youth Awards were founded by the Brookline Hub. The event’s Principal Sponsors are Brookline Hub, Inc., the Town of Brookline, and the Brookline Community Foundation.

Our young people are our community’s greatest treasure. Come to the Coolidge on April 11 to hear their message.

By R. Harvey Bravman, Publisher