A new perspective can
Change us.
Make us laugh.
Give us the courage to share.
Increase our awareness of the world.
Inspire us.
Enlighten us.
Help us rediscover our empathy.
Teach us again about love and the capacity of the human spirit.
A new perspective can change the trajectory of someone’s life.

On May 3, 2012 at the Coolidge Corner Theater, BrooklineHub.com Youth Award Winner Chernet Sisay eloquently shared with our community his epic journey as an orphan from the streets of Ethiopia to his family in the United States.

For all the good the Internet brings us, I sometimes fret it has frayed our ability to focus for longer than moments at a time.

Chernet’s story takes 7 minutes to tell, an eternity these days.

Allow yourself these 7 minutes. A change in perspective can stay with you a lifetime.

When it’s over feel free to clap, even if you are watching this by yourself.

R. Harvey Bravman, Publisher