Following a demonstration by more than 200 educators  in Coolidge Corner on Saturday, Dec. 12, members of the Brookline Educators Union staged informational pickets regarding their lack of a contract before schools opened Wednesday morning.

“We are so appreciative of the support we received from those who saw us on Saturday. Brookline residents care deeply about the quality of their public schools, and they understand the importance of the issues that educators are fighting for,” said BEU President Jessica Wender-Shubow.

The BEU is seeking contract language to address staffing, workload and safety issues that teachers and staff are concerned will affect the quality of education if not taken care of.

“The school committee has given us assurances in past years about having professionally appropriate class sizes, caseloads and prep time, yet nothing has changed,” Wender-Shubow said. “Our working conditions are students’ learning conditions, and we will only settle a contract that takes into account the educational needs of all students in the Brookline Public Schools.”

The informational pickets will began roughly one half hour before the start of school at each building.