The Brookline Community Foundation is pleased to announce the installation of solar panels on the roof of its historic building in the heart of Brookline Village.  Located at 40 Webster Place, BCF’s headquarters will reduce its carbon emissions with the addition of a solar photovoltaic system that generates more than 14,000 kWh of electricity annually.  The solar array will reduce annual CO2 emissions by approximately 16,000 lbs per year, thereby reducing the foundation’s carbon footprint by 278 tons of CO2, which is the equivalent of a mature 277-acre pine forest over the lifespan of the system.

“As a non-profit, BCF is fortunate to own its headquarters, allowing the foundation to do its part to reduce carbon emissions and move Brookline toward a sustainable energy future,” said BCF Executive Director Jenny Amory.

To fund the solar panels, BCF entered into an innovative partnership with SunBug Solar and BrightView Energy, LLC. Under contract to BrightView Energy, a solar energy provider that works primarily with non-profit organizations, SunBug Solar installed the solar photovoltaic system on the roof of the BCF’s headquarters.   BrightView Energy financed and operates the system, and through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), sells the renewable energy generated by the system to BCF.  Utilizing the PPA arrangement meant that BCF was not required to provide any up-front funding, will realize significant savings on electricity costs and will have the option to purchase the solar array in 15 years at a small fraction of the original cost.  Once the system is purchased, BCF will gain the full benefit of generating its own electricity with almost no ongoing costs.  The anticipated savings to the foundation over the life of the system are estimated to be more than $70,000.   

“Thanks to this PPA, BCF was able to find a way to go solar without sacrificing the critical grant funding we provide to the Brookline community.  We are proud to be doing our small part for the environment, in a way that is fiscally responsible,” said Mike Lindstrom, chair of the BCF Building Committee. Meg Artuso, BrightView Energy’s CEO, commented that “BrightView Energy is delighted to provide the BCF with a carbon-free source of electricity as well as energy cost savings which can be put to good use through the BCF’s grant programs.”   

Please join BCF as they celebrate the solar installation on Wednesday, November 15th from  2:30 – 3:30 pm. Please RSVP here.

For further information please contact Jenny Amory at 617-566-442 ext. 101 or [email protected]