Dear BrooklineHub

BCF’s Jenny Amory would like you to meet Yolanda, Jane, and Saeed

Yolanda is a 91-year-old Brookline resident from Chile. With the help of Project Citizenship, a BCF grantee, she has applied for U.S. citizenship and is preparing for her interview.
Jane is a Brookline resident with disabilities surviving on a limited income. She needed extensive, costly physical therapy, but the fees weren’t covered by her insurance. The BCF Safety Net offset Jane’s medical costs by paying one month’s rent so she could get the medical care she needed.
Saeed is a 2017 scholarship recipient. He was unsure as to how he and his parents would pay for college. They worried about the cost of tuition, housing, and books. Receiving a scholarship award eased their stress.
BCF has always made it a priority to support Brookline’s most vulnerable community members. By donating to a BCF fund, you can help us respond to the community and help meet the needs of your neighbors. 
Jenny Amory
Executive Director